Advertising & Promotion Service Provider in Bhopal

Hello Friends,

Are you looking for an advertising & promotion service providerin Bhopal? If yes then you are at right place. Social Technology Services is one of the best advertising & promotion service provider in Bhopal. Posting an Ad on Social Technology Services (STS) Bhopal is free and easy – it only takes a few simple steps and registration is required! Just select the right category and publish your ad in classified ads Bhopal for free, and within minutes your ad will be online and instantly other users can search and find it.We at Social Technology Services believe in quality and extremely effective advertising, across media.

We offer VPN Solution in Bhopal. is one of the most rapidly growing advertising agency in Bhopal. Our company enables clients to brand their products and services, which is the base of the growth of an organization.

Contact us on @0755-4250963!


Other services we offer:

  1. Custom broadband connection in Bhopal

Connect to the world with business-grade, high-availability, high-speed Internet access with symmetrical upload and download speeds. This is a key benefit of the STS Fixed Wireless Ethernet network.

  1. VPN Solution in Bhopal 

Social Technology Services (STS) has made their profile as a System Integrator in the market & we are experts in the field of IT Hardware & Networks, Wireless ISP solutions, Hotspot & Bandwidth management Solutions, Telecommunication solutions, etc.

  1. Free Wi-Fi Service in Bhopal

We are committed to create values for customers through our IT services and provide free internet and broadband connectivity to the clients through fast, flexible and innovative approach.

  1. Pop-Up display advertising company in Bhopal

Social Technology Services (STS)offers Pop-Up display service to get companies, organizations, institutions and organizations through the most effective network platform on the web.

  1. Hotspot solution for special events in Bhopal

Providing Internet service is easy, but providing reliable Internet service in high density environments such as corporate events or in other special events. It requires a knowledgeable team of network engineers using the latest equipment to be done right.

To know more about this creative branding agency browse through its comprehensive range of services that span web solutions, media planning and media buying services.


We believe that the success of our company will be count if our clients gets benefited by our services & consultancy for that we have merged our technical expertise with latest technology to serve better solutions for all of our clients.

Thank you for reading this post!!!


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